Tuesday 27 July 2021

Half Year Review of My US / HK Portfolio Performance

Time really flies. It seems just like yesterday when I made the first step investing into the US and HK stock markets as part of my plan for geographical diversification as mentioned here.
An equally important reason for doing so is because I wanted to add in some growth element into my overall portfolio approach and naturally I turned to the huge potential in these markets.

Notwithstanding the above, my SGD income portfolio is still an important part of my overall investment strategy because it provides a good and stable base for me to 'fight' it out in the overseas markets.
In a nutshell,

SGD Income Portfolio - Solid base of regular dividends
US and HK Portfolio - Exciting capital growth
Syfe Core Growth portfolio - Separate passive growth basket

However, this post will be excluding my Syfe portfolio which I am building up separately.

Today marks the half year mark of me depositing my first funds for the overseas market and hence I felt it would be appropriate to do a quick review on my performance so far.

Total Capital Invested: S$20,000

Current Return at Point of Writing: S$22,882.52

Total Realised & Unrealised Profit: S$2,882.52

Well, slightly over 10% returns in 6 months. I can't say I am satisfied with this since just 1 - 2 weeks ago I was looking at about 20% returns.
Nevertheless a profit is always better than a loss.
This decline can largely be attributed to two main reasons as follows:
1) Couple of PUT options which I closed out early with a loss this month as I decided not to take assignment for now. Perhaps I will write more about this in my monthly update for July.
2) The fall in share price of the chinese stocks in recent days. 
From the beginning to now, I have pivoted from dabbling in a mixture of Growth + "meme" stocks to mainly Growth + Mega Caps + Options now.
My current holdings (excluding option positions) are as follows:
Microsoft (MSFT)
Apple (AAPL)
Didi Global (DIDI)
BABA (9988.HK)
AMC Entertainment (AMC)
Blackberry (BB)
Sundial Growers (SNDL)

The latter two are free stocks won from some contests in moomoo.
Moving forward this shall remain my strategy. Hopefully when I do my first year review the returns will be much better!

Lastly, just sharing my referral links as below for moomoo and Tiger Brokers, both of which I am using.

If you like to sign up for these brokers I would greatly appreciate in you using my link to sign up. Cheers!

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