Tuesday 31 August 2021

August 2021 Updates

Aug 2021
Local Portfolio Value after market close (excluding USD and HKD)


3,000 shares of CLCT @ $1.35

500 shares of ESR Reit @ $0.40 (PO + Excess)

84 shares of Support.com @ $50.94 average price



1) Suntec Reit @ $84.36
2) SingTel @ $192
3) DBS @ $198
4) OCBC @ $265.50
Total: $739.86

Short-Term Transactions

Sold 3 x FUTU Put 210820 at $85 strike with $1.90 premium. Closed early at $0.25.
Sold 2 x SPRT Put 210820 at $5 strike with $0.55 premium. Closed early at $0.05.
Sold 1 x NVAX Put 210827 at $200 strike with $0.83 premium. Closed early at $0.05.  
Sold 1 x AMC Put 210827 at $35 strike with $0.41 premium. Closed early at $0.04.
Sold 1 x SPRT Put 210917 at $26 strike with $11 premium. 

02 Aug 2021 STI Open: 3,161.22
31 Aug 2021 STI Close: 3,055.05
STI closed lower than the opening of August with a drop of more than 100 points.
In my update last month, I've mentioned that the STI is range bound between a narrow band of 3,100 - 3,200 and it would be good if it can break out from the resistance level of 3,250. 
Unfortunately it broke below the lower band. I will monitor the market more closely in the coming month.
For my SGD portfolio, I added 3,000 units of CLCT at $1.35 and 500 units of ESR Reit at $0.40. 

For the former, I was waiting for the price to drop to $1.33 for a long time but it remained steadfast above that level (think I blogged about it in last month's update). So ultimately I decided to pull the trigger and bought in at $1.35.
As it turned out, the share price started to drop on the next day. Life's like that.

At least I bought below the issue price of the recent DRP. Since I am invested for the long term, I am not worried on this solid counter.

With this addition, my current holding for CLCT stands at 12,100 units.

For the 500 units of ESR Reit, it is from the latest round of preferential offering + subscription of some excess to round up to lot size. 
With this my current holding stands at 10,500 units.

For my Syfe Core Growth portfolio, current TWR is 6.59%. Not too bad. Still a small experimental portfolio.
Have DCAed into this portfolio couple of days ago and plan to continue this strategy every month end.

For my USD portfolio, I added 84 shares of Support.com at an average price of $50.94. Silly mistake due to FOMO.
Nevertheless I believe many people have benefited from the run up of this stock. I saw some comments that this is a life changing event for them and I really felt happy for these people.
It's not everyday that one can experience that so a big congrats to them!
This month's options trading is pretty good for me.
After making a loss of S$481.99 last month, I made a profit of US$686.55 (~S$922.24) excluding the SPRT Put which I sold at US$11 premium expiring 17th Sept.
I was targeting to hit S$1K this month but fell short of it due to early closure of the options for better sleep at night.
Moving forward I will continue to use options to supplement my investable income.

For my Cryptos, I have 2.250 BAT from the Brave Rewards worth USD 1.82 currently 😊.

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