Wednesday 4 August 2021

moomoo August Promotion - Latest Goodies (Pfizer & Haidilao)

Hey guys, for the month of August, moomoo by Futu SG has launched another refreshing campaign aptly named the "Multi-market Welcome Pack" campaign which runs from 02 Aug 2021, 20:00 hours to 31 Aug 2021, 19:59 hours.
For your easy sign up, just click on my referral link and proceed from there to start your journey with moomoo.
Apart from the usual free access to Level 2 market data for the US stock market and Level 1 market data for the SG stock market, here are the new goodies in the form of treasure boxes for this campaign.

Treasure Box No. 1

1) Follow 1 friend: Follow any user in the community and get 50 points.
2) Post 1 comment: Post 1 comment in the community and get 50 points.
3) Open a FUTU SG securities account: Successfully open a FUTU SG securities account and get 180 days unlimited commission-free trades* for the US stock market, HK stock market and SG stock market effective from the day of account opening upon successful account approval. (Only for New Customers)
* Commission-free trades do not apply to options, futures and China A shares.
4) Deposit SGD 2,700 into account: Successfully deposit SGD 2,700 or USD 2,000 or HKD 16,000 into your securities account and get 1 free Pfizer share.
Treasure Box No. 2

1) Learn to trade: Watch the video in the specified article and get 50 points.
2) Complete 3 trades for US Market: Make 3 completed trades for the US market and get 1 free Pfizer share.
3) Complete 3 trades for HK Market: Make 3 completed trades for the HK market and get 5 free Haidilao shares.
At this point of writing, 1 Pfizer share is worth USD 45.68 and 1 Haidilao share is worth HKD 27.55.
So just by completing the above few simple steps, you can receive 1 Pfizer share + 5 Haidilao shares worth about SGD 85.50.
It's not difficult to make 3 trades. Buying and selling a stock would count as 2 trades already.
Not to mention you will be getting 150 points as well. Notwithstanding these 150 points, it is super easy to earn points in moomoo.

Trust me. I've redeemed this cute Money Box from the list of moomoo's peripheral products before using 9,888 points (now it requires 12,000 points). At the moment I still have another 2,510 points and I am not even trading frequently! 
To learn more about the terms and conditions of this offer or to get your answers to some general questions, you can go to this link here.
So far my experience with moomoo has been pleasant and nothing short of being impressed by how engaging the platform has become.

A case in point where moomoo has continued to outdo itself: they are currently running a quiz where you can earn cash from it. Yes real cash.

I have briefly touched on this in my earlier July portfolio update. This is just one of the ways which moomoo has been engaging the users community.
If you ask me, I would say wait no more and join the platform now. Importantly, make use of this current promotion to earn yourself some free shares too.
I would appreciate too if you can sign up through my referral link.
Thanks in advance and enjoy the experience.

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