Wednesday 4 August 2021

Review of Hill Street Coffee Shop Nasi Lemak (Looks Good But...)

Recently I read about a review on a certain Nasi Lemak where the reviewer raved about it so much so that being a glutton that I am, I know I have to try it one day.

So today I dropped by to the location which is at 978 Toa Payoh North, Grains & Hops coffee shop.

It took me quite a while to find the stall within the coffee shop because it does not even has a stall front. Only a wall with cabinets and a small wall opening.
This Nasi Lemak by Hill Street Coffee Shop is grouped under the Cloud Kitchen together with other stalls. And the ordering is quite a unique concept which I like.

Ordering of the dishes is done via a cash-less self-service kiosk similar to the fast food restaurant nowadays. After that a receipt is generated and your food will be placed inside a numbered cabinet for your collection.

This is a great way in minimising human contact which is especially important in the current climate.

Photo from Google

Now on to the food...
Photo by me
Upon opening the box, I can smell a nice aroma coming from within.

Photo by me 
The rice is nicely cooked.

The chilli while ok, lacks the punch.

The keropok has turned soft. Failed.

The chicken I ordered is lemongrass fried chicken but there is not even a hint of lemongrass.
I only managed to taste saltiness overall. And some part of the chicken is undercooked as evident by the pinkish red meat.
The skin is not as crispy as anticipated and the chicken is not warm. Hence it has probably been fried for some time already.
Photo by me
At $6.21, I would not say this is cheap for a Nasi Lemak. It would be worth the price if the above points can be rectified. If not, there's really no differentiation from other more economical (and nicer) Nasi Lemak and definitely nothing to justify this price point.

Would I be back?

Not for this dish. But maybe can give the other dishes a try when dine-in is allowed in future.

After all to be fair, the takeaway process might have affected the quality of it and sometimes a second chance is needed in life.

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